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The #1 Item picker. Outstanding for picking different objects – For primarily Logistics, Ware-housing, E-commerce and Re-cycling applications. A Multi-purpose suction cup with extreme gripping capabilities on any surface. Comes in sizes 35-65 mm in diameter. Very good for handling difficult bags, pouches, cardboard boxes, recycled objects and much more. A Tripple durometer cup design: -Soft thin lip giving exceptional vacuum sealing capabilities. -Sturdy but easy folding bellows for great holding force in dynamic grips. -Firm neck for safe and sturdy interface towards a variety of fitting options including aluminum clamp fittings. The suction cup is made of Duraflex® a material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane. The material has a fantastic elastic memory and “Mark free” capabilities. This gives a suction cup with high longevity even with the thin lip. This new suction cup family is compatible with all piGRIP® fittings and their features. Low vacuum flow design - Exceptional sealing capabilties at lower vacuum levels. Forgiving for handling different types of objects, less vacuum flow needed, even on difficult objects. Energy saving - The exceptional vacuum sealing performance gives less need of high vacuum flows with a significant reduction of compressed air usage. Approx. diameter, can vary depending on the surfaces to which the cup is applied to.

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