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Piab adds new 90 mm size to bellows suction cup configurator

B-cups family with B90 bellows suction cup

Extra sizes, more functions in additional fittings, and the entire bellows suction cup line included in the configurator.

Taby, Sweden – Piab is extending its generic line of bellows suction cups to include cups measuring 90 mm in diameter, further broadening its already extensive application range. Two smaller cup sizes, 13 and 26 mm, were recently added to the line. In the near future, Piab plans to add one further size to this popular bellows suction cup line.

“We decided to plug a few gaps in our size line-up for bellows suction cups. The extension will enable us to offer our customers an expanded range of options perfectly suited to their respective applications,” says Josef Karbassi, Vice President for Piab’s Automation Division.

“In addition to this, we have added extra fittings for several of our existing bellows cups, and the entire bellows suction cup line has been included in our popular customer online configurator,” he continues.

The wider range of fittings now available for a selected number of Piab’s bellows suction cups offers further optional functions, such as specialised flow-control valves and filters. To assist selection and tailor-made solutions, these fittings and the full range of standard bellows suction cups (B5 to B150) are featured in Piab’s configuration tool, available on the company’s website.

The new bellows cups are available in four different materials - nitrile rubber (NBR), the non-marking HNBR, and two grades of silicone. The standard grade silicone is used for bellows cups widely used within the plastics and packaging industries, and the alternative food-grade silicone is offered for cups used by industries that need to adhere to hygiene standards set by the US (FDA 21CFR177.2600) and/or the EU (EU 1935/2004).

“The very high and consistent quality of our bellows suction cups stems from the fact that we use certified and high-quality materials. Our customers appreciate that they can trust that each new batch of cups they order will be the same as the last one they had from us,” says Josef Karbassi.

Bellows suction cups B90 - handout (pdf) 

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