• Vacuum conveyors for powder and bulk

Vacuum conveyors for powder and bulk

Piab vacuum conveyors are the ideal solution for conveying bulk solids. They create a safe, hygienic, and ergonomic working environment, ensure high product quality, and avoid product loss due to spills or damage. They do so in a contained material handling system that replaces manual handling or mechanical conveying with ease. Screw conveyors, bucket elevators, belt conveyors, post hoists, tablet elevators, or other bulk feeders can't compete with the versatility and small footprint of Piab vacuum conveyors. Product damage is avoided by ensuring dense phase conveying of fragile materials. Even sensitive coated tablets are protected from chipping during the conveying process. The piFLOW® conveyors can be integrated into an existing system or designed for a completely new line. It is also easy to alter an existing layout. For more flexibility within the plant, they can be placed on a mobile frame and used at several stations in the production line. Piab conveying systems make bulk handling easy due to a compact, modular design, which provides the highest flexibility for various applications. Use it as a bulk bag unloader or tablet press feeder; charge mixers, blenders, packaging machines, sieves, etc. No matter the scale, Piab conveying equipment can handle powder, granules, or particles, conveying up to 15 tons/hour. Preventive maintenance and cleaning have never been faster, and as vacuum conveyors don't have any moving parts, pinch points, or nip points, unplanned maintenance is at its minimum. Vacuum conveyors contribute to higher productivity and lower costs by automating parts of the production processes in food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and additive manufacturing industries. Piab conveyors have been developed to answer the strict requirements of these industries with FDA, EC No. 1935/2004, EC No. 10/2011, ATEX Dust, and ATEX Gas certifications. Please consult the specific piFLOW® product ranges for the exact availability of certificates for each product or product configuration. The built-in filters prevent dust particles from entering the manufacturing environment, eliminating the possibility of dust explosions and respiratory illnesses in operators. The vacuum conveying systems are easy to install and maintain, making the onboarding time for operators very low. Switching between different conveyed material types is made fast and easy. All Piab powder conveying systems are available with either an ejector-driven vacuum pump or a mechanical pump. The ejector pump only consumes energy while the pump is running, saving energy while operating on a low noise level. Piab pumps use COAX® technology, providing the most energy-efficient way to produce the vacuum. Each Piab vacuum conveyor is built to last using durable materials. They come with a 5-year warranty.

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