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Piab's vacuum pump P3010

Vacuum pump P3010 reduces air consumption to a non-issue


A manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fibre optic connection systems assemble electronic components onto flexible thin film circuits to be used for automotive computers. The manufacturer was searching for a new vacuum solution with a minimum of wiring and less need for maintenance and spare parts.


Piab solved these issues when offering a P3010 vacuum pump with solenoid valve that easily is mounted into place to control the P3010 pump. It also has an automatic parts release feature with attached tank module that automatically blows out stored air when the pump cycles off.


The compressed air consumption and the noise level were reduced so much that they became non-issues. The manufacturer also liked the ability to stack the two vacuum cartridge pump modules on top of each other as well as the automatic blow-off function with no need of additional controls/wiring

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