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Piab's vacuum conveyor

Reliable conveyors decrease downtime for tile manufacturers


One of Europe’s most innovative producers of automatic systems for weighing and dosing applications, Euroelettra, was challenged to provide its customers in the ceramic tile industry a cost-effective and reliable dosing system that is able to safely transport the thin colored metal oxide powders commonly used in production.


Euroelettra included Piab’s vacuum conveyors in the design of its dosing system. The vacuum conveyors are able to run successfully with minimal stoppages due to its simple design, and ability to safely handle ceramic powders, which are traditionally difficult to transport.


Utilizing vacuum conveyors that require minimal maintenance and are completely enclosed, Euroelettra’s customers can now safely convey up to 2,000 kg of ceramic powder per hour. Product quality has also improved as the conveyors supply an even amount of powder to the dosing machines, ensuring that the color of the completed tiles is more consistent.

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