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Robot handling with Piab products

Half the air consumption while saving engineering time


The customer wanted to save energy and be consistent with picking up parts while loading and unloading laser welded blanks (sheet metal blanks). They were looking for a more energy efficient way of robotically handling their welded blanks with better consistency of picking parts. In the past they used a centralized vacuum pump solution that was placed on the shoulder of the robot arms. There were other air-driven competitive units being considered.


The energy saving was proven through flow meter and the savings were compared with competitive units and showed better vacuum flow and energy savings with Piab's decentralized pump - the VGS™3040 with piSAVE onoff and the friction suction cup BFF110P.


Within a short time period the customer has purchased roughly 300 assemblies. The result saves the customer energy, simplifies maintenance, all for less money spent. Piab used 5.35 Nl/min/cycle compared with the competitive 11.4 Nl/min/cycle, so about half the compressed air usage. This also gives the customer opportunity to save engineering design time with the purchase of complete assemblies.

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