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General Motors - Piab automotive industry

General Motors utilizes 80% more efficient decentralized vacuum system


General Motors (GM) needed a vacuum system that would function in harsh environments and provide a high level of performance and safety. The major automotive manufacturer saw a number of advantages in choosing a decentralized vacuum system over a centralized one.


With a decentralized system, performance can be enhanced as it offers a great amount of flexibility. As additional product styles are included in a line at GM, a valve and the necessary cups to accommodate the new product are easily added. Strong, continuous vacuum flow is another goal to consider when choosing a system. With vacuum being produced at each suction cup, a decentralized system will still retain a strong hold if some of the cups are damaged or line losses occur.


GM has recognized that the decentralized vacuum system from Piab is about 80% more efficient than a centralized vacuum setup. This means that huge potential savings in air can be realized when using that system. GM has also recognized gains through improved setup and simple maintenance, as the setup for the decentralized system is very simplistic.

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