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Strong reduction of chipping tablets by using our piFLOW®t tablet conveyor with pre-separator

piFLOW®t tablet conveyor


A large German company in the pharmaceutical industry was having problems with the conveying of paracetamol tablets for some time. There was very frequent chipping of the tablets during the conveying process, which led to a high degree of dissatisfaction among the end users.

In addition, manual transfer by hand into the transport container as well as filling the funnel of the blister packaging machine resulted in an accumulation of dust.


The use of piFLOW®t tablet conveyor with pre-separator ensures a gentle introduction of the tablets into the conveyor. Thanks to a controlled, low and constant speed and the elimination of all sharp edges, the piFLOW®t vacuum conveyor, together with the piGENTLE® control system, transports the tablets without damaging them.


The customer is enthusiastic about the Piab solution. Through the use of the piFLOW®t tablet conveyor, the tablets can be transported more product-friendly, resulting in a considerable reduction of scrap products.

The compact design as well as the easy cleanability of the piFLOW®t also convinced the customer.

Furthermore, dust accumulation has been reduced to such an extent that there is no longer any contamination at the production sites and in the blister packs.


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