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      Piab's vacuum conveyor C3304

      A instalação de um transportador a vácuo Piab resulta numa receita adicional anual de US$270.000


      A leading company within the flavours and fragrance industry wanted to enhance the conveying process of powder to mixers. They wanted to improve productivity by 20%, minimize contamination and reduce waste by 20%, and improve the work environment, especially safety related areas.


      Piab's vacuum conveyor with anti-static filter was installed, together with a feed adapter with fluidization and pipe emptying system.


      The company achieved a 25% increase in productivity (from 8 to 10 batches per day), which equals to a yearly additional revenue of US$270,000. The contamination was reduced to a minimum since they now had a closed system. Scrap was reduced by 20% which equals to a yearly saving of approx. US$4,300. Additionally, the work condition was improved and thereby reduced the social insurance costs.

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