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piCLASSIC vacuum pump

piCLASSIC – Upgraded with 22% more energy efficiency

Date 16/05/2011

Our Classic pump series has been upgraded to piCLASSIC with COAX® cartridges, providing an improvement up to 22% in energy efficiency.

  • 40% more energy efficient compared to a rotary vane style pump.
  • Available with 70% more vacuum flow capacity versus previous Classic models.
  • High initial flow.
  • No need for expensive vacuum tanks and vacuum valves on high-speed machines.
  • Easy to control on/off for intermittent operation to save energy.
  • Low weight (0.5-1kg) and new modular design.
  • Easy to install close to suction point for reduced energy costs (smaller size of pump).
  • Few moving parts – virtually no cost for service and repair.
  • New design is easy to dismount and clean.
  • Performance can easily be upgraded by adding cartridges (up to a total of 6).
  • Available with extra energy saving function for sealed systems.

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