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More applications possible with piFLOW®p - now with higher flow pumps

Date 20/01/2014

piPREMIUM 600-1600 is a line extension of the previous piPREMIUM family which has been available in size 100-400. The target for the extension is the food and pharma industries who need higher capacity.

As with the other piPREMIUM pumps this is equipped with COAX® cartridges, that is the most energy efficient way to produce vacuum. The pump is designed for quick changeover and service as it is connected to the conveyor body only with a TC connection. The connection block, with all external interfaces to the pump, is easily removed using two screws. Once the pump is disconnected from the body, it is easy to remove the COAX® holding module for cleaning or quick changeover. The silencer is integrated in the pump housing and the pump exhaust is designed for connecting a hose if there is a need to lead away the exhaust air.

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