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Piab’s new Cobot Palletizing Tool (CPT) helps to get more pallets out per day

Piab's Cobot Palletizing Tool (CPT)

E-Commerce pushes requirements for getting products out fast. The flexible picking zone of Piab’s newly developed CPT enables multiple carton handling with cobots in every cycle at high speed. Thereby, the CPT allows to palletize more boxes, ultimately leading to more pallets readily prepared for shipment each day.

The CPT is a smart and compact cobot gripper, allowing customers to get more products out at the same time a. Its multi-zone gripper surface picks several boxes even of different shapes in the same cycle. While its light-weight body allows a higher throughput per pick. Including the piSMART® valve unit further ensures maximum necessary speed of operations.

By picking up several cartons and moving them at once, combined with adding little weight to the cobot arm with the gripper as such, the wear on the robot is strongly reduced leading to a longer cobot lifetime.

The CPT consists of a pump unit and a suction plate that picks up the cartons. In case a different configuration is needed, only the suction plate needs to be exchanged. This reduces end-of-arm-tool cost, while providing highest possible flexibility.

The IO-Link ready piSMART® valve unit offers Industry 4.0 capabilities, for instance by enabling predictive maintenance to ensure highest possible system uptimes. Equipped with the latest COAX® vacuum generation technology, air consumption is reduced, while secure lifting power at maximum payload is ensured.

Customer benefits at a glance:

  • Higher pallet output per day due to flexible picking zones for multiple carton handling
  • Longer cobot lifetime thanks to less moves and low gripper weight
  • Requiring just one EOAT instead of many saves tooling costs


  • E-Commerce
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics

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