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The Kenos® Sack Gripper program is extended with new size, sealing ring and performance options

Kenos® KSG Sack Gripper

Completing the Kenos® range of grippers, the KSG gripper handles bags of different materials, sizes, and contents, perfectly meeting customer needs.

The highly reliable KSG grippers fit the specific needs of customers through dedicated configurations made directly on the Piab website, where customers can choose: the dimensions of the gripping area, vacuum generators (internal or external), different sealing rings, as well as a wide range of accessories.

The KSG gripper is now available in a new smaller size, 230x140mm. A new blue natural rubber sealing ring with excellent wear resistance has been added to the options available in the KSG gripper program. In addition, the KSG can now be configured with up to 8 COAX® Cartridges for increased performance.

Our KSG grippers will safely handle plastic, paper or fabric sacks containing powders, granules, loose or liquid products within industry sectors such as food, chemical, pharma, construction, and consumer goods.

Key features that add value:

  • Accessories such as vacuum gauge and manometer enable customers to control and regulate the gripper, increasing system productivity.
  • Numerous gripper configurations and an adjustable metal grid inside each gripper ensure optimal grip for every type of sack and application.
  • The choice between an integrated COAX® ejector of 2 to 8 cartridges or an external vacuum generator guarantees an optimized handling system.
  • Solid and robust due to the use of materials such as aluminium, the KSG gripper offers a longer service life, reducing handling system maintenance.
  • A reduced total weight, thanks to aluminium profile and plastic cup, allows use of reduced payload robot, meaning cost and energy savings, optimizing the handling system.
  • The gripper cannot be compromised by sack content released to the environment, eliminating interruptions and improving productivity.
  • Easy to install on robots or frames, our gripper is easily integrated into the customer’s handling system, reducing assembly time.

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