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Piab adds COMPACT10E to the compact pump program

piab compact10e

The Piab compact pump program is now expanded with a new alternative, COMPACT10E, to complement the smaller size 10mm pump program.

The COMPACT10E has been designed with limited configuration alternatives, which offers a competitive market price without compromising on quality or vacuum performance.

The configuration alternatives for COMPACT10E includes:

  • With or without vacuum sensing
  • Two alternative diameters of vacuum and compressed air push-in connections
  • COMPACT10E can be configured with two different alternative COAX® micro cartridges: Ti - for high vacuum flow and Xi - high vacuum level.

The COMPACT10E is stackable up to 8 units in one manifold with a common compressed air connection. The manifold can be configured with a common silencer or a common exhaust suitable for cleanroom applications.

The main target for COMPACT10E is fast pick and place application that can be found in several key industries such as: 

Electronics and semi-conductor:

  • Pick and sort or test/inspect
  • Component placement equipment: High speed (down to 50ms/cycle), SMT (Surface Mount Technology) machines.
  • Consumer electronics assembly, automotive electronics etc.

Small robot applications:

  • Assembly of small parts, ex. mobile shells and displays
  • Plastics (injection moulding), removing parts from mould
  • Consumables, small items, bulbs, batteries, credit cards, toothbrushes, pacifiers, etc.

Pharma and cosmetic packaging:

  •  Top loading (carton in case)
  • Carton erecting

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