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New BXP 45mm suction cup accompanied by 65 and 90 mm versions


Our recent 45 mm cup for the BXP segment is now accompanied by 65 and 90 mm versions. Like the previous newcomer, and its mature family members, the new cups will be fully configurable. 

Last November, a 45 mm cup was introduced to complement our well acclaimed BXP suction cups. A range developed specifically for the picking and lifting of objects with uneven or porous surfaces, such as cardboard.  
Piab now takes the next step by completing the 10-110 mm sequence with 65 and 90 mm versions. Like its more mature family members the new suction cups are made of mark-free DURAFLEX® and will be fully configurable. 
The new 65 and 90 mm sizes are available to order on 


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Luba Biber, Marketing Manager, Vacuum Automation Division
P.: +49 (0) 6033 7960 0


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