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Evolving the beta website – Improvements release #2-2021

Piab raster

Thanks for your valuable feedback on the new website since we launched it beginning of December!

The improvements release #2-2021 includes:

  • A call-to-action block is added on product pages for improved leads generation. See example “Not sure what you need?” in the bottom of this page.
  • Help texts are added in configurators to help users make the right choice, see example.
  • Item numbers are added to recently viewed products to help users see which variant they viewed.
  • CAD centre issues on US version with missing tree structure and item numbers, are solved. See US CAD centre.
  • Piab logo and time stamp are added to downloaded data sheets for improved branding and better traceability, see example.
  • Missing lifting forces for some of the suction cups are added and descriptions are clarified. See example.
  • The registered trademark icon is now superscripted for a nicer look. See example.

Please continue to give us feedback through the feedback button on the right-hand side on the site, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Anette Lantz
Digital Experience Manager

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