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Acclaimed BXP cups see new family member and configurator premiere

Piabs widely acclaimed BXP cups, most often used to pick objects with particularly porous surfaces, will now be complemented with a 45 mm version.

Our widely acclaimed BXP cups, most often used to pick objects with particularly porous surfaces, are now complemented with a 45 mm version. Following that, the full cup family will be moved into our configurator, expanding customers' prospects to efficiently match their process needs. 

Our BXP cup range has since more than a decade been instrumental as to picking and lifting objects with uneven or porous surfaces such as cardboard. Part of the success is that the cups are made of DURAFLEX®, a specially developed material that combines the elasticity of rubber with the wear resistance of polyurethane. DURAFLEX® is also mark-free, which leaves the products in an unscathed condition. 
The BXP family is now expanded through the introduction of a 45 mm cup which complements the already generous sequence of 10-110 mm cups. Like its family members, the new size, labelled either BX45P or B45XP, will be available with a choice of bellows and lips. Other news is that a number of fittings will be added, also for existing sizes. 
Most important is however that the BXP range from now on will be fully configurable, enabling refined cup selection to align perfectly with any machinery or process need. The existing cups will keep their article numbers, which facilitates re-ordering. 
The new BX45P/B45XP cups are available to order on 

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Luba Biber, Marketing Manager, Vacuum Automation Division
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