What does Piab do for the Automotive industry?

Piab’s vacuum components for highly automated production lines in the automotive industry are found in the press shop, body shop and final assembly. Piab also has special products for manual handling devices and for automotive sub-supplier industries, such as tailored-welded blanks, glass, tires and plastic interior/exterior parts.

We’ve got…

  • Over 25 years’ experience of selling vacuum components to automotive with excellent track-record
  • Strong productivity benefits with Piab components for automotive
  • A Global Automotive sales team
  • R&D department dedicated to support automotive customers
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We have solutions for the following applications

• Press shop

• Body shop

• Final assembly


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General Motors utilises 80% more efficient decentralised vacuum system


General Motors (GM) needed a vacuum system that would function in harsh environments and provide a high level of performance and safety. The major automotive manufacturer saw a number of advantages in choosing a decentralised vacuum system over a centralised one.


GM has recognised that the decentralised vacuum system from Piab is about 80% more efficient than a centralised vacuum setup. This means that huge potential savings in air can be realised when using that system. GM has also recognised gains through improved setup and simple maintenance, as the setup for the decentralised system is very simplistic.

How did we help General Motors achieve an 80% more efficient decentralised vacuum system?

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piINLINE®plus is a new patented lightweight decentralised inline ejector with integrated automatic release function (AQR) and exhaust block release function (EBR).

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piSTAMP is a decentralised lightweight ejector with generic design and Exhaust Block Release function (EBR).

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Centralised “all-in-one ejector” with integrated controls.

For body shop:

  • bi-stable on/off valve for safety
  • vacuum filter for reliability
  • energy saving functions
  • IO-link communication
  • Pre Vacuum Hovering (PVH) and Self Adhesion Control (SAC) for manual handling devices and much more.

For stamping:

  • bi-stable on/off valve for safety
  • ABO (amplified blow-off)
  • high capacity nozzles for faster cycle time
  • vacuum filter for reliability
  • energy saving functions
  • IO-Link communication and much more.

Friction cups for oily surfaces

BFF – For flat and curved metal surfaces. Integrated level compensation.

BFFT – For thin metal sheets, down to 0.6mm thickness. Integrated level compensation.

BXF – Extra level compensation. Recommended for feeder, de-stacking and auto-racking applications.

DCF – For high speed press lines. Excellent grip on convex and concave metal surfaces

FCF – For slightly domed or flat metal surfaces

OBF – For narrow, curved or flat metal surfaces. Integrated level compensation.

OCF – For narrow, slightly domed and flat metal surfaces.

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