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Reduced assembly costs thanks to a piCOMPACT® all-in-one ejector

piCOMPACT® vacuum ejector


A global company specializing in packaging for the pharmaceutical industry was looking for the possibility to build a more compact assembly. This assembly is required for the handling of ampoules. The previous assembly used single components, such as single-stage ejectors, vacuum switches and on/off valves. This created a very high installation effort for the company.


Piab helped the customer with one standard component, the all-in-one vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®10X. Our piCOMPACT® vacuum ejector combines all the desired individual components that the customer needed in one unit. This means a smaller installation space as well as a more compact unit, faster suction and evacuation times. Only one connection cable is required.


By changing over to our piCOMPACT® vacuum ejector, the customer reduced the installation effort thus saving time. In addition, the risk of assembly errors was reduced. Another advantage is the support provided by only one supplier.

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