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Exceptional gripping adapted for you

Regardless of your needs, Kenos brings gripping confidence to any production line. With endless possibilities, Kenos vacuum grippers are designed to securely move all objects, as a standard or configured robot end-effectors.

About Kenos®

Kenos® makes exceptional gripping possible. Kenos responds to your changing needs, helping you grip anything by providing configurable vacuum gripping robot end-effectors with a durable and distinctive foam design.

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Success stories
Kenos® KVGL vacuum gripper handling pasta packs
Automatic handling of pasta packs with Piab's Kenos® KVGL

With the use of a single Kenos® KVGL vacuum gripper by Piab, Selematic has created a state-of-the-art automatic packaging system, achieving a significant...

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Automated handling of veneers with Kenos® KVG area gripper
Automated veneer handling - sheet by sheet

With the help of Piab’s Kenos® KVG area gripper, Heinrich Kuper GmbH carries out veneer sorting systems. The biggest challenge was to pick up split and...

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Handling porcelain slabs with Kenos® KVG vacuum grippers
Porcelain slabs handling with Kenos® KVG vacuum grippers

Piab's Kenos® KVG area vacuum gripper have allowed a leading Italian company, who manufacture automatic systems for the ceramic industry, to reduce...

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Kenos® – A brand by Piab Group

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