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Piab launches the Vacuplus ejector series for low to mid-range applications

Piab's Vacuplus ejector series for low to mid-range applications

As a part of our ambition to expand our global portfolio, we at Piab are thrilled to present the launch of our Vacuplus ejectors, geared to cater for low to mid-range applications that cannot compromise on ejector performance.

The products in our Vacuplus portfolio complement our existing ejectors by offer a straightforward assortment that is developed with the learnings of over 70 years of experience in vacuum automation. The Vacuplus portfolio includes different configurations of the following ejectors:

The ejectors are highly efficient, lightweight, robust and easy to use. In short, the Vacuplus portfolio consists of products targeted to customer that need a great and simple vacuum ejector.

Benefits for the customer include:

  • Small and compact sizes
  • Symmetric vacuum interfaces on top and bottom ensures flexible installation
  • Patented COAX® technology

The Vacuplus ejector line is targeted particularly towards logistics and packaging applications such as

  • Bin picking / Random bin picking
  • Tray forming, tray unloading and loading
  • Case/Carton erecting
  • Handling of boxes and containers
  • Bag and pouch opening and handling
  • Card / lid feeding and sorting
  • Product & container labelling

Additionally, the Vacuplus ejectors add value in other industries and applications, such as:

  • Ceramic and tiles: Machine tending
  • Plastics: De-molding automation
  • Metal forming (non-automotive): Machine tending
  • Woodworking: Machine tending


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