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Kenos® Reverse valves program is extended with Direct Mounting models and 5 Connections models

Kenos® KRV Reverse valves

The KRV reverse valve controls the air flow and is typically used in external vacuum generator systems. The valve can also be included in side-channel blower kits recommended for most Kenos® solutions in order to create vacuum with a high suction flow rate. Its control function positions include suction, blow-off and neutral, enabling control of product handling cycles corresponding to customer needs.

Connected directly onto the KVG120 gripper, the direct mounting KRV valve models will control the air flow created by an external vacuum generator. These valves can also be used to connect multiple grippers in series or in parallel, enabling the deactivation/reactivation of grippers in specific cycles.

When integrated in side-channel blower kits air flows are controlled in three alternative ways: suction with intake air expelled through the silencer, blow-off for fast release, and a neutral position not involving the gripper.

Robust and reliable, KRV valves are offered in models for direct mounting or with 3 or 5 threaded connections, all made of anodized aluminium with POM-C sealing elements.

Key features that add value:

  • Low maintenance due to no internal components subject to rotation or sliding, eliminating downtime, and increasing productivity.
  • Accessories such as silencer and filters help meet customer needs, creating a safer working environment.
  • When not used to generate vacuum, the blower is always in connection with the external environment, extending its life, leading to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Quick valve switching between suction/gripping and blow-off/release, increasing the productivity of systems.
  • A versatile valve for use with multiple Kenos® grippers and numerous blowers, offering adaptation to meet the needs of our customers.

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