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Advanced EOAT solutions for the plastics industry

EOAT solutions for the plastics industry

Piab’s vacuum grippers are specially designed for handling plastic parts out of a mould.

Taby, Sweden – From components to complete systems and from stock to custom, your needs as an injection moulding manufacturer will be met at Piab.

End-of-Arm Tooling for the plastics industry can cover a number of functions – all of which will help you reduce cycle times, produce consistent parts, save on personnel costs and cut down on scrap and unusable parts. Designed with modular and custom machined components, our tooling will operate on any style or make of robot.

With experience working alongside the leading automation manufacturers, ISO 9001 Quality System Certification and in-house control over the entire engineering and production process, Piab can transform your plastics handling potential in ways you might not even expect.

Piab offers a complete line of modular components to allow you to rapidly build tools in your own plant, meeting rapidly changing automation needs on-demand. We can assist you with design and engineering advice as needed with trained application engineers to help your technicians in the finer points of constructing tooling for the injection moulding industry.

Insert moulding is the process of placing small parts into a mould that then become part of the finished product. The robot must be able to assure proper placement and alignment of the inserts. Our experience designing EOAT for insert placement has made the process second nature to us, regardless of complexity or size. Piab has developed numerous solutions such as innovative magazine loading technology to automate the entire process – from loading of over-mould parts to extraction, degating and secondary operations.

Additionally, Piab offers degating and cutting tools to cover the whole variety of cutting situations, ranging from basic to highly sophisticated. Our hand cutters, pneumatic cutters, EOAT mounted cutters and standard and custom degaters can give you an appropriate level of precision and efficiency – even with plastics hard enough to give conventional tools trouble.

About Piab

Piab provides smart solutions for the automated world, helping thousands of end users and machine producers in e-commerce logistics, food, pharma, automotive and other manufacturing industries to improve energy-efficiency, productivity and working environments. With almost 500 employees and SEK 1.2bn in sales 2018, Piab is a global organization, serving customers in almost 70 countries from a network of subsidiaries and distributors. By leveraging the ongoing technological development in automation and robotics, and targeting high-growth segments and geographies, Piab's vision is to become the global leader in gripping and moving solutions.

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