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Piab's cobot gripper Kenos® KCS

Two years after acquiring Kenos®, Piab develops the perfect small business all-rounder – Kenos® KCS.

Around two years ago we acquired Kenos®, a relatively small actor in Northern Italy with state-of-the-art foam grippers. It has been an extremely interesting journey together where we have learned a lot from each other.

Not that long ago we developed what we call the Kenos® KCS for collaborative robots. KCS is a foam gripper with COAX® ejector inside that enables collaborative robots to handle just about anything, anywhere, at any time. The KCS is the perfect small business all-rounder. Its modular, plug-and-play design means it can be adapted for universal use within a company. It is configurable, you can create the exact model you need, with all documentation at your hand and is available to buy on a global level.

This was developed thanks to our new strategy of continuing to develop and acquire technology and companies that have the same vision as us. It is really rewarding to see the speed at how things develop and how we together can better support the customers.


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