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A great internal motivation driver

Nicklas Holmgren – Content Creation Manager at Piab

In general, as Content Creation Manager, my job for product launches is to manage and produce the marketing material for our products. Particularly, for the MX suction cup I produced the video, the landing page on our website and the brochure. For all media but particularly for the video I worked closely with other parts of Marketing, the R&D team, and the product manager that developed the MX suction cup to come up with ideas and the message the video should convey about the cup.

Creating marketing assets that really do the job well, is an essential part of getting great exposure. Our ambition is to stay as holistic as possible across the multiple support elements, but never compromise on the the quality and the job-to-be-done. For instance, the video really had to convey the extraordinary picking-power it has in any type of material. For that we had to do real close-ups with various material, to visibly show how the thin lip had a sealed grip around the objective without leakage. As with other types of technology, the proof point sits in the visualization, and this is why a video overdelivers vs still images or simple texts.

The launch of the MX suction cup spread a lot of optimism in the company. The concept was introduced to the company-wide team involved in the launch process already in October last year, which was very early on in the process. Everybody was very impressed and happy and considered it a big deal that this suction cup can do so many things at once. From a marketing point of view, it was really fun to see how excited everybody was. The launch of the MX suction cup was a great internal motivation driver. For me it was clear, when the whole team gets so excited, it must be a future proofing development.

I think, it is cool to see how far the company and technology has developed over time. The MX suction cup was only made possible by fairly recent technology developments. Particularly making the material that thin and still durable shows that this is really a suction cup that was only possible to develop in the 2020s. . Piab did not start out with vacuum but seeing the development and that the main concepts of the technology are still valid today is impressive.

I enjoy working at Piab because of the flat organization and that everyone is accessible, socially, and professionally. I have never been afraid to approach someone in the office, independent of their position. To me, Piab is a friendly company and that is really important to me.

Nicklas Holmgren Nicklas Holmgren Content Creation Manager
Marketing Department
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