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SuccessStory Armatec

piLIFT®SMART is helping Armatec’s employees to lift 1-2 tons each day – without hurting their backs!


Armatec, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, solves smart technical solutions in water, cooling, heating and process. The company’s highly skilled employees build systems from parts and components delivered from various suppliers. Goods are delivered to Armatec’s warehouse in boxes sometimes so deep that staff have to jump inside to empty them.

Having previous good experience of Vaculex® vacuum lifters, warehouse manager Anders Carlsson contacted Piab when the company wanted to improve its working environment for incoming goods.


Today, there is no need for Armatec’s staff to jump inside deep boxes to empty them. Instead they use an ergonomic vacuum lifter from Piab, the piLIFT®SMART, to reach inside, lift and sort delivered objects of different size, shape and weight.

The piLIFT®SMART is also being used to effortlessly move empty pallets, weighing around 45 lbs a piece. As the lifter enables to handle weights of up to 88 lbs, the piLIFT®SMART can even lift pallets with a strapped load. A ceiling mounted gantry dimensioned for operation within the warehouse’s 700 square feet enables the lifter to reach all necessary workstations.


The piLIFT®SMART is helping Armatec’s employees to lift easily and quickly 1-2 tons each day – without hurting their backs.

The world’s only Industry 4.0 vacuum lifter, piLIFT®SMART offers smart features that bring live performance information to both operator and operation. Maintenance teams benefit from service indicators ensuring peak operating performance. On the smart platform, the weight of objects, power consumption, number of objects lifted, etc. can be monitored. Usage data can be viewed live and/or also be compiled into reports via a web-based platform.

 “At Armatec we strive towards sustainability, and the wellbeing of our employees is key to us. Since investing in the piLIFT®SMART we have achieved a smoother working pace and fewer damaged goods. Piab’s lifter has lifted our working environment to new heights,” says Jens Helgegren, Quality, Sustainability and Technical Manager at Armatec.

Anders Carlsson, Warehouse Manager, says enthusiastically: “The piLIFT®SMART really is something! Extremely user-friendly, quiet and smart – it fulfils all our needs, I would definitely recommend the piLIFT®SMART Solution!”


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