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OKI reduces maintenance and downtime with a safe, speedy conveying system


OKI was founded in 1881 as Japan’s first telecommunications equipment manufacturer. At their plant in Glasgow, Scotland, more automated processes and equipment were introduced in order to remain competitive and to meet increased operation requirements. One process they decided to improve upon was the transfer of toner powders from the plant’s ground level into filler heads. OKI was also interested in improving the working environment and finding a solution that complied with ATEX legislation and met or exceeded Health & Safety regulations.


OKI started working with Piab to replace the existing vacuum transfer systems with 28 of Piab’s vacuum conveyors. The enclosed vacuum conveyors, safely and quietly transport the toner powder in distances ranging from 4-25m and with a total daily throughput of 2,000kg of powder.


Peter Barnes, senior operations engineer at OKI, cited reduced downtime as a major benefit of the Piab conveyors, and stated that the level of technical support required is incredibly low. “Our new Piab systems are extremely reliable, and much more cost effective to operate than the old systems.” The conveyors have also proved easy to clean and simple to maintain. OKI also found that the lifecycle of Piab’s filters was much greater than that of the previous system’s filters, which resulted in significant reductions in the running costs.

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