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SuccessStory piGRIP Bag Lip

No more dropping of plastic bags – productivity has increased considerably


An Italian customer active in the consumer industry was handling various bags with coffee pods up to 0.5 kg. The bag was either made of a thick plastic film or a plastic and aluminum film (as the one normally seen for coffee beans).

The working cycle was from 20 to 40 picks per minute. The customer being energy conscious was working with decentralized vacuum, hence using Piab's vacuum gripper system, the VGS™5010. The customer was using a standard suction cup for bag handling. When lifting the heavier bags, some were dropped and the production line stopped a number of times.


The customer tried Piab's modular suction cup piGRIP® with the special lip for handling bags, instead of the standard suction cup, along with the decentralized vacuum solution VGS™5010.


When handling small bags, there was a minor difference between the standard suction cup and the piGRIP® suction cup with bag lip. However, when moving up towards the 0.5 kg bags and a speed of 40 bags per minute, the difference was quite noticeable:

No bags were dropped when using the piGRIP® suction cup with bag lip. The bag was also more stable while moving (no small oscillations). As a result the productivity has increased considerably.

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