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Vaculex ParceLift at PostNord Logistik

Logistic operator increased ergonomics and reached financial benefits


PostNord is Northern Europe’s largest messaging and logistics operator, as well as the worldwide leader in service quality and delivery performance.

At PostNord they used to unload the trailers and containers manually which resulted in back pain and tired operators. The main problem was picking heavy parcels from floor level up to the level of the telescopic conveyors which feed the automatic sorting system.


The former handling situation: Unloading manually, lifting onto a Caljan belt conveyor

2 persons in feed station

Equipment: 1 Caljan belt conveyor per feed station.


The new setup: Unloading manually, assisted by Vaculex® ParceLift:

Operators: 1 person in feed station

Equipment: 1 Caljan belt conveyor and 1 Vaculex® ParceLift per in feed station.


By using Vaculex® ParceLift they now avoid the heavy lifting and almost all manual lifting when unloading containers. The degree of sick absence is reduced (between 10 – 15%) down to a normal level (approx 5%). The ergonomics have improved, and the operators can keep a steady work pace throughout the whole day which increases productivity as well as user happiness. The number of strain injuries is reduced and the operators are satisfied.

PostNord now fulfills the Swedish Working Environment Authorities requirements of a healthy working environment. All PostNord terminals use the Vaculex® ParceLift for unloading, combined with the Vaculex® TP for intra terminal handling of parcels.

Gunnar Tunmats, Safety officer and operator using Vaculex® ParceLift: “Vaculex® ParceLift is great to work with“.

1. Full acceptance from operators
2. No complaints of lower back pain or strain. Happy operators
3. Reduced degree of sick absence (between 10 – 15%) down to a normal level (approx 5%)
4. No relocation of injured operators into new positions with light duties
5. No staff turnover.
6. No classified strain injuries
7. You don’t need muscles to work in this position, anyone can do it
8. Fewer operators needed. One operator, instead of two, on each in feed conveyor are now needed in this handling cycle.


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