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Vacuum turntable fixture

Integrated COAX® solution simplifies complex automation process


A worldwide company producing furniture had encountered problems with unstable grips on work pieces during grinding operations. The system was based on continuous vacuum operation with a mechanical pump connected to a turntable. In addition, the system had to be versatile to handle all types of curved surfaces.  The company also had a problem with providing vacuum to the rotary heads because of the large diameter vacuum tubing and poor reliability of the complicated control system of a large centralized mechanical vacuum pump.  The centralized vacuum pump was 2 meters away from the turntable with a 1 ½” diameter hose.


Piab offered a de-centralized energy-efficient vacuum solution with integrated COAX® MIDI Si32-3 vacuum cartridges and piGRIP® suction cups for each rotary head on the turntable along with vacuum filters.  The Si cartridges were selected as they can compensate for any leakage at the rotary heads.


Decentralizing the vacuum system simplified the control system by transferring control directly to the turntables. It reduced both the size and the diameter of the feeding hoses. Additionally, the use of Piab vacuum accessories significantly reduced noise levels compared to the mechanical pump. The Piab solution also reduced costs of the vacuum system by 60% and energy consumption decreased by 30% Thanks to use of Piab piGRIP® suction cups, the company has managed to work efficiently with the irregular shaped work pieces by adjusting the height of suction cups (e.g. from 3 ½ bellows to 1½ bellows). The high rigidity of the bellows has significantly increased the stability of the grip during grinding.

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