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Industry leader develops innovative vacuum solution for its “bag-in-a-box” system


The BluePrint Automation Group is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of secondary packaging solutions for flexible and other hard-to-handle packages. The company wanted to design a machine for plastic bag handling that would provide a stronger grip and increase the speed of production.


The company was able to limit dropped packages and machine stoppages by replacing the system’s existing mechanical pumps with Piab’s P6010 vacuum pump with Cruise Control (PCC) option and BL40-3P Polyurethane suction cup made of DURAFLEX®. The PCC option maintains a strong, reliable seal on the bags by automatically maintaining a pre-set level of vacuum.


Since installing the P6010, BluePrint has experienced a large reduction in energy consumption and background noise. The manufacturer, now the market leader in plastic bag handling, plans to integrate Piab’s technology into the design of future innovative vacuum solutions.

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