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Frigorífico Marba increases productivity by 30% in production process


One of the greatest Brazilian producers of industrialized meat products, Frigorífico Marba, has constantly expanded its product line to include new offerings. In recent years, this increase has also lead to facility expansion and the purchase of new, state-of-the-art equipment. To keep one facility clean and safe, Marba strove to control excess dust produced by powder ingredients with an innovative new vacuum conveyor system.


The manufacturer installed a Piab conveyor with an accompanying feed station in its facility. Both were equipped with fluidization systems in order to guarantee the effective flowing of the powders out them. The system also allows for Marba’s operators to easily regulate the powders’ flow as needed.


The solution not only significantly decreased the levels of dust in the air, but also allowed Marba to increase productivity in this process by 30 percent due to reduced mixing time with the new conveying system.

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