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Vaculex TP in Jysk Distribution center

Enhanced working environment in Jysk Distribution Center


Jysk is an international retail chain that sells everything for your home and comprises some 2,800 stores in 52 countries worldwide. The total staff consists of nearly 24,000 employees. Jysk distribution center in Nässjö, Sweden, and Jysk distribution center in Uldum, Denmark rely on Vaculex® lifting solutions to create an ergonomic, productive and healthy working environment.

Jysk Distribution Center in Nässjö had high sick absences and a problem with long term sick leaves. Due to the manual lifting of many large and heavy boxes, the operators' backs and shoulders were injured.


Vaculex® TP was installed to help the operators with the process of depalletizing and order picking.


Jysk now uses Vaculex® solutions for depalletizing and order picking to enhance the working environment and improve productivity. The sick absence decreased from 8-9 % to the lowest figure they have ever had, 3 %! Vaculex® solutions allowed their staff to work in areas where they previously could not work due to too many heavy lifts. Jysk Distribution Center in Nässjö has become a much more attractive working place, providing an ergonomic and user-friendly environment for everyone.

Michael Edh, Production Manager: “Because of all the heavy lifting, this was not an attractive working environment. It´s a big difference now!”

Josephine Rogebrant, operator using Vaculex® TP: “It used to be a job for muscle men only. Now anyone can do it”.

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