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Doubled stacking speed without damage to products


S2F Engineering designs integrated automated systems for pulp, paper, film and foil manufacturers. The company recently designed an automated machine to replace the manual method of filling plastic sleeves of the foam trays used in food packaging. The machine needed to be flexible and gentle to handle a wide product range of delicate materials.


A customized tray stacker machine featuring twenty-four of Piab’s Vacuum Gripper System (VGS)™3010 products, which feature a suction cup integrated with a COAX® cartridge, was designed by S2F. The VGS™3010 enabled a flexible gripping solution that could accommodate a wide range of products.


The aluminum extrusion design of the gripper system created a compact and lightweight solution that fit well into strict weight and space requirements. The flexible design of the machine has doubled the speed of tray stacking to about 12 seconds per stack without damage to the trays.

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