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Customized gripping system reduces energy consumption by 30%


Joulin Aero, a world-leader in automatic vacuum gripping technology, specializes in gripping solutions for porous and difficult-to-handle products. The company was recently challenged to design a universal vacuum gripping system for palletizing equipment that would minimize production time and cost.


The company was able to eliminate the inefficiencies of a centralized vacuum system by integrating COAX® multistage vacuum cartridges into the pre-existing grippers. The COAX® cartridges are placed at the exact point of use, thereby decreasing energy consumption, while increasing production and airflow supply.


Since installing the COAX® cartridges in its gripper system, Joulin Aero has noticed a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Additionally, the compact, universal solution limits downtime and allows a greater number of possible cycles per minute by eliminating the need to alter equipment when products change on the line.

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