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P3010 QRtank Vacuum pump P3010 reduces air consumption to a non issue FÖRSTORA

Achieving efficient and reliable transport with vacuum technology


German engineering solutions provider W. Strothmann GmbH was searching for solutions that would transform its automation and handling technology for the automotive industry. The company wanted to design a conveying system with reduced cycle times, higher reliability and increased flexibility.


Strothmann designed a unique conveying system to move metal blanks along the belt, utilizing both magnet technology and Piab’s P3010 vacuum pump with blow-off function. The system could handle both flat sheets and overhead shapes made of all materials, including aluminum and stainless steel.


Since implementing vacuum into the prototype design, production reliability has greatly improved.  Strothmann has seen flawless transport without any breakdowns in the conveying system.  The P3010 features COAX® technology, allowing for increased speed and reliability by eliminating line losses.

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