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Arla 2in1

53% reduction in air consumption


Arla Foods, northern Europe’s largest cheese manufacturer, was looking for a new solution to handle its heavy rounds of cheese, which are coated in wax. Although the company’s existing automation process was a major improvement from the original, manual system, the company wanted to upgrade its system in order to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and decrease noise levels at the facility.


The company installed the Piab P6010 vacuum pump with PIAB Cruise Control (PCC), which allows for an optimum vacuum level and improves energy efficiency. Based upon Piab’s patented COAX® multi-stage ejector technology, the P6010 vacuum pump provides up to 40% more flow than conventional air-driven vacuum pumps.


Since the installation, Arla Foods has reduced compressed air consumption by 53%, which has helped to significantly reduce overall energy costs. Additionally, the company has benefited from fewer product rejections and the noise level has been cut in half, meeting the company’s need to provide its employees with a quieter working environment.

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