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SuccessStory Parador

25% increase in cycle speed and no dropped parts


PARADOR Parkettwerke in Austria was looking to improve their cycle speed and efficiency when handling pieces of laminated parquet flooring. The pieces of flooring shift and move while being handled and the number of pieces vary with each cycle. The variation in the number of handled pieces results in suction cups randomly place in between the flooring thus resulting in even more reduced lifting force, dropped pieces and a very slow vacuum system.


Piab installed DURAFLEX® BX52P suction cups in dual durometer with new fittings containing piSAVE sense. The piSAVE sense is a flow-controlled vacuum check valve for "object sensing" on flexible vacuum handling devices with a centralized pump solution. A centralized vacuum system like this, equipped with a piSAVE sense for each suction cup, allows cups to miss the object(s) and still maintain enough vacuum level in the system for the cups in contact. In this application, the suction cups placed between the five parquet floor pieces "sense" the valves to be closed letting the other suction cups in good vacuum contact have full flow through open valves with maximum vacuum level and lifting force.


Previously, the vacuum system was only capable of reaching a vacuum level of approx. 15 -kPa. This caused dropped parts and machine stops several times for each pallet. After installing new fittings with piSAVE sense the vacuum level in the system went up to 40 -kPa and machine stops could be reduced to a minimum. The system was also only capable of running 80% of its maximum speed, this went up to 100%.

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