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Fragile pharmaceutical tablets

Minimize all risks of damage to the tablets when automating your tablet handling process

Date 2/1/2016

Fragile and valuable pharmaceutical tablets are notoriously difficult to handle in processing plants. Easily cracked, the tablets have to be treated with extreme care to keep waste at a minimum.

piFLOW®t will together with piGENTLE™ automatically convey tablets or capsules without breaking or chipping thanks to a controlled low and constant speed, guided entry and the elimination of all sharp edges. Those are the keys to our success, ensuring that tablets handled with great care in our conveyor. Return on investment will be affected positively both thanks to the automation of a normally manual process and also through a decreased amount of waste due to chipped products

Three main design features are the keys to Piab's success – controlled low speed, guided entry into the conveyor, and the elimination of any sharp edges in the conveying pipeline. Each of these features has been designed specifically with tablets in mind.

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