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Vaculex® lifter handling a window

Vaculex® lifters handle windows with care

Date 6/27/2018

Piab's ergonomic lifters, Vaculex®, are perfect for the safe handling of any kind of window.

Taby, Sweden – Glass manufacturers and processors in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries in all corners of the world trust Piab's ergonomic Vaculex® lifters to handle their glass products and components safely while providing ergonomic working environments for their staff. Vaculex® lifters offer specially adapted solutions for all kinds of windows or assembly situations and are designed to provide safe handling of windows in both production and warehouse settings.

The flexible vacuum lifters can be adapted to perfectly fit a wide range of different window designs and manufacturing processes. The Vaculex® range of standard components can be used to make up solutions for safely lifting, tilting and turning sheets of glass or entire windows, and for positioning windows during assembly.

”Window manufacturers have benefitted from Piab's ergonomic Vaculex® lifters for many years. From loading and unloading CNC machines to inspection areas, we are able to solve the safe handling of glass units, ensuring benefits for both businesses and their operators,” says David Collins, Vice President of Piab's Ergonomic Handling Division.

The ergonomic Vaculex® lifters are designed to take the strain off the workforce, reducing the risks associated with manual handling, such as pain and injuries to the spine, back or shoulders, and repetitive strain injuries. Enabling procedures to be carried out in space-restricted areas, the lifters offer unique and flexible solutions where ceiling height, narrow and confined areas with limited working space may be an issue. The semi-automated Vaculex® lifters allow efficiency improvements, raising the productivity of a plant by enabling a good flow in handling procedures, and guaranteeing high product quality through damage limitation.

A complete range of spare parts and helpful accessories, such as a handy remote control, a noise reducing hood and an energy-saving system for automatic pump turn-off during inactivity, coupled with outstanding after-sales support and maintenance, enable customers to rest assured that they will be working with ease before, during and after purchasing a Vaculex® ergonomic lifting solution from Piab.

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