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piSMART® vacuum ejector in industry 4

piSMART® vacuum ejector is key to 4.0 factory

Date 5/16/2018

Building on IO-Link Piab's piSMART® strategy offers smooth transition to smarter industry.

Taby, Sweden – Piab's response to the rallying call of Industry 4.0, piSMART® will see the company introduce more intelligent and cloud-connected versions of its most advanced vacuum technology products. The generic and fieldbus-independent input/output technology IO-Link, available in the company's premium all-in-one vacuum ejector series piCOMPACT®, is the key to a smooth transition to smarter production methods aimed at maximizing productivity and energy efficiency.

Offering real-time distributed control systems with self-optimizing features for, for instance, Leakage Warning systems, IO-Link is an open standard. This makes it fieldbus and PLC (programmable logic controller) neutral, enabling an IO-Link master to act as a gateway to fieldbuses such as EtherNet, IP, profiNet, deviceNet, ethercat or Profibus. Unlike a conventional bus system, in which each sensor, actuator or master is connected to one cable, an IO-Link master can provide one or multiple ports.

Piab's adoption of IO-Link marked the first step in the march towards Industry 4.0, as the technology guarantees interoperability between different devices, regardless of the technology standard used in the overall system. Additionally, by providing a platform for integrated communication and sensors, IO-Link also enables successful information transparency. In a next step, Piab is now busy adding another service level of sensor data to support analysis tools using cloud-based "big data". The company's piSMART® products will offer a link to the cloud and on-demand access to huge amounts of valuable data.

Interoperability and information transparency are two important cornerstones underpinning Industry 4.0, and Piab's use of IO-Link in its vacuum equipment is testament to the company's commitment to the fourth industrial revolution. With piSMART®, Piab continues to build on this commitment, getting an increasing number of its most advanced vacuum technology products kitted out for the smart factories of the future.

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