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Piab friction cups for optimal grip

New sizes added to Piab friction cup families

Date 4/3/2018

Introducing new small and intermediate sizes, Piab ensures optimal grip for friction cups.

Taby, Sweden – By adding several new sizes, Piab is extending two of its friction cup families, ensuring there are no "size gaps" in their line-up. The extended size ranges ensure there are suitable cups available for an ever increasing number of applications, where cups are able to grip a greater variety of items, providing an excellent hold on challenging, and often very small, surfaces.

The two friction cup families, broadened to meet more specific customer demands, are the Deep Concave Friction (DCF) range and the Bellows Flat Friction for thin sheets (BFFT) range.

Providing an excellent grip over the edges and corners of objects, DCF cups are particularly suitable for handling, for instance, metal parts with either convex or concave surfaces. The family has been extended mainly at the smaller end, where three new cup sizes have been added, offering diameters of 30, 40 and 52 mm. So far, the smallest DCF cup measured 65 mm. Also added are two intermediate cup sizes, 80 and 100 mm, plugging gaps in a size range that extends to diameters of 110 mm.

The BFFT family, which so far has encompassed cups measuring 50-90 mm, has been given four new members, two at either end of the range spectrum - small cups of 23 and 35 mm, and larger ones of 105 and 120 mm. The BFFT cups are specifically designed for handling very thin metal sheets without risk of denting them. Providing a good grip on flat as well as on uneven or curved surfaces, BFFT cups also offer good level compensation performance.

Like all of Piab's friction cups, the DCF and BFFT cups are made of DURAFLEX® – a specially developed non-marking material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane, offering exceptional durability and elastic memory. In addition, the company's entire line of friction cups is available with nine different types of fittings, enabling Piab to meet 99 percent of all customer requirements.

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