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Piab reaches bigger heights with All-Fill

Date 10/1/2014


All-Fill is a global OEM providing powder filling stand alone and integrated filling lines. They required a simple customer solution to reliably and consistently transfer a fine chemical powder to their automated multi-head powder filling system. The requirement was for the simplest method of transferring product to a twin head batch weighing system.

Due to budget constraints, Piab offered a single conveyor for All-Fill to split the product through 2x channels by employing a basic gravity feed ‘trouser leg’ chute. This avoided the relatively higher cost of a conveyor for each filler and also simplified the entrainment to the filling line as only a single delivery line was required.


Along with the offer of our piFLOW®f conveyor that technically met the required specification and basic FDA requirements along with the required ATEX certification for this particular area, All-Fill integrated the Piab conveyor on their existing machine design with minimum alterations.



The inclusion of our piFLOW®f resulted in a guaranteed minimum product delivery.

All-Fill and Piab have a long standing relationship and we were the first choice for this project which the end customer saw as a positive and the confidence shown in providing a solution helped All-Fill move this project to an order.

The height required to achieve this transfer was higher than All-Fill’s normal delivery height and this was easily met by our piFLOW® product while still providing a serviceable transfer system. Expected compressed air consumption was reduced by utilising a single conveyor by 30%. The simplicity and elimination of mechanical transfer equipment at ground level enables the customer full machine access without the need to move and disconnect equipment.

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