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How an open position in China can end up as a new hire in Brazil

Date 12/06/2017

China is a growing market and we want to play a bigger part in China. Last year, we were looking for a new Regional Director for the Asia region.

After lots of interviews we realized that our best and greatest option was to look inside our company.  Our best candidate was our Regional Director for the Americas region. We asked him to take on Asia.  He was replaced by our North America Director who was replaced by our Brazil Manager … who needed to be replaced. And we had a great candidate who wanted to rejoin our company in Brazil. 

One open job created opportunities for four people to grow, across the globe. They all took on bigger roles and responsibilities. Not every chain is global, but we are extra proud when our employees are willing and able to step up and grow with the company. This feeling of plant school or nursery builds a great atmosphere of opportunities. This (together with knowledge, experience and passion)  is a key component when we support our clients to build successful business.   

So what happened in China? We’re growing:)

Gunilla Westberg
Vice President Human Resources
Tel. +46 8 630 25 00

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