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Metal stamping and press transfer

Metal stamping and press transfer

Sheet metal is moved through a series of presses and formed into a panel. Slippery panels due to oil, narrow areas to grip and high speed in the press makes the selection of cups crucial. Vacuum tooling for handling the panel changes each time a new part shall be pressed. Tandem press-lines feature multiple presses with press-to-press transfer by robots or special feeders. The big benefit with a Tandem Press line is the high degree of flexibility. The ”crossbar” press has crossbar feeders which move in the transport direction on a longitudinal rail that is mounted to the frames of the press upright. This is a high speed application where friction cups for oily surfaces are needed for maximum performance.




Advantages with Piab

  • Reduced energy consumption with COAX® technology and optimisers
  • Higher speed possible - PIAB friction cups for oily surfaces reduce the risk for sliding sheets
  • Lower cost of installation - use single air-line PIAB vacuum generators with automatic release functions

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