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Lifting at order picking in picking areas

Order picking and order fulfilment

The picking process is often the most labour-intensive activity for any logistics-, distribution- or order fulfilment centre and potentially also a process where risk for work-related injuries is high. In addition, large and heavy parcels can easily get damaged when handled manually.

Piab offers Vaculex® specialized vacuum lifting solutions to ergonomically handle light, heavy, large and small parcels in picking areas. The Vaculex® TP lets the operator handle any type of parcel efficiently and rapidly, improving their working environment significantly – in a safe way.

Relevant products:

  • Vaculex® TP 
  • Vaculex® TS
  • Vaculex® VL
  • Vaculex® ML
  • Vaculex® ParceLift
  • Vaculex® TP Combi
  • Vaculex® TP Scale

8page TP VL ML 171121 ENG.pdf


SAS Reference Case.pdf


Vaculex® BaggageLift Combi.pdf

Vaculex® Parcelift.pdf

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