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Piab is a global leader in industrial vacuum technology with several innovative products and solutions to improve productivity in automation.

Piab's core technologies

  • Generate vacuum based on compressed air
  • Handling parts with suction cups/suction grippers
  • Conveying powder and bulk material with vacuum

Contributing to a sustainable world

Piab focuses on developing products and systems that consume a minimum of energy and have a minimal environmental impact, reducing the user’s carbon footprint. Performance is never sacrified, so productivity is consistently maximized.  

COAX® technology
COAX® technology

COAX® is an advanced solution for creating vacuum with compressed air. COAX® cartridges are smaller, more efficient and more reliable than conventional ejectors.

DURAFLEX® Friction cup
DURAFLEX® suction cups

With DURAFLEX®, a strong, wear resistant and elastic polyurethane material, Piab can offer the unique dual-hardness feature for suction cups.

piFLOW® Vacuum conveyor
piFLOW® vacuum conveyor

piFLOW® vacuum conveyors doubles the conveying capacity compared to conventional conveyors. ATEX Dust classified conveyor.

Vacuum Gripper System – VGS™
Vacuum Gripper System – VGS™

Piab’s decentralised Vacuum Gripper system (VGS™) is a product solution integrating high quality DURAFLEX® suction cups with COAX® cartridges.

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