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VGS™2010 BX25P

VGS™2010 BX25P
  • Patented COAX® technology.
  • Suitable for level adjustment and for uneven and porous materials such as cardboard, etc.
  • In the two-coloured version the bellows and the sealing lip are of different hardness, which makes the suction cup strong and, at the same time, soft and flexible with good sealing capability.
  • A filter disc inside the cup keeps dust out of the system.
  • Available with a two-stage COAX® cartridge MICRO. Configurable to your specific needs. Choose Bi for low feed pressure, Si for high vacuum flow, Xi for extra vacuum and Ti at 0.4/0.6 MPa for extra capacity/dirt tolerance.


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VGS™2010 BX25P

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