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Ergonomic handling solutions

Ergonomic handling solutions are available to meet the demands of all kinds of applications and can lift almost any type of product; parcels, baggage, sacks/bags, boards, glass, kegs/barrels, bottles, food, stone, windows etc. Depending on its purpose it is available in various number of combinations. With standard, as well as custom made suction feet with its high-quality suction cups, you can lift almost everything. As is proven to reduce strain injuries, being user friendly as well as keeping top quality promises, it will increase productivity of the application.

piLIFT® SMART is the first vacuum lifter ever that meets the needs of industry 4.0. The usability, flexibility and data management capability put it in a category of its own. Combining the best of vacuum lifting technology with 76% less energy consumption, minimal sound levels and smart data features, the quick and intuitive piLIFT® SMART is truly a leap forward.
Vaculex® TP
Vaculex® TP is extremely versatile and handles a great variety of goods in size, shape and weight. It grips the goods from any side, requires minimal training to operate and you can easily rotate either the lift or the goods 360º to place it where required. Standard max weight is 40 kg which can be increased to 65 kg. The Vaculex® TP family includes TPH, TP Scale, TP BaggageLift and TP Combi.
Vaculex® VL
Vaculex® VL is the user-friendly and powerful lifter, operated with two hands, mostly used in general industry where the need for specialized heavy-duty tools are common. Vaculex® VL can lift almost anything between 30 and 250 kg. With the right combination of accessories Vaculex® VL can lift multiple objects at once, tilt and rotate goods.
Vaculex® ML
Vaculex® ML is a one hand operated vacuum lifter which is easily customized to adapt to most handling situations with loads weighing between 5 and 70 kg. This series offers large possibilities to choose between a range of different control handles, suction feet and other options to optimize the lifting system for your specific handling situation.
Vaculex® Parcelift
Vaculex® ParceLift increases productivity when unloading loose loaded cargo into or out of trucks and containers. The vacuum lifter is mounted onto a telescopic conveyor and can be both factory-fitted (onto a new telescopic conveyor) or retro-fitted (to your existing telescopic conveyor) at your premises. It can handle a great variety of products and/or parcels in terms of size, shape and weight, up to 40 kg. The ergonomic and user-friendly Vaculex® ParceLift allows the user to grip an item from any side, turn it 360° and release as required.
Vaculex® TS
Piab’s Vaculex® TS was developed to solve issues with handling goods between low and high stacking heights. Our ergonomic solution makes it easy to grip or release goods with a high level of control even at levels far above the operators head. The unique design of the Vaculex® TS control handle also makes it possible to pick items at floor level without either kneeling or bending to reach the objects.
Vaculex® TL
Vaculex TL is a unique lifting aid, specially designed for handling of loose loaded sacks made from fabric. Typical customers within this segment are laundries, postal services and other businesses where frequent lifting of loose loaded sacks take place.

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