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piSOFTGRIP® vacuum-driven soft gripper

piSOFTGRIP® has three gripping fingers and a vacuum cavity, all made in one piece, resulting in a simple and robust product. As it is vacuum-driven, the gripping force can easily be controlled by simply adjusting the vacuum level. The vacuum cavity is sealed, making it extremely resistant to dust. Suitable for lightweight sensitive small objects with odd geometries and/or an unusual surfaces. Possible to use in multi mode applications (picking complete rows of objects). Recommended sizes of the objects ranges from diameter 10 up to 50 mm. Applications can be found in Food, Pharmaceutical and MedTech industries. The material is food grade silicone, FDA/EU compliant and detectable. piSOFTGRIP® also comes with a stainless-steel wash down fitting (to be used if rotation positioning/locking is needed or higher hygenic demands).

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